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Apple Introduces USB-C with the New MacBook


Apple just announced its latest MacBook. This MacBook is the product of a collective obsession – most efficient design ever. It’s tiny. This MacBook only has a single USB-C and it does everything from charging, to sending video out and transporting data. USB Type C Supports many protocols all through one connector.  As rumored, Apple has done away with traditional USB ports. In terms of I/O, the new MacBook features only one, reversible USB Type C port. This one port handles charging, video output, and data transport. Curiously, this means Apple is taking a step back from the MagSafe-style adaptors it moved to years ago.

This single port was likely the byproduct of Apple’s quest to make the thinnest MacBook possible. Ports take a lot of room. Thanks to their physical structure, the female jack cannot be made that much smaller. But has Apple gone too far here? A single port, one that charges the computer along with much more, forces the owner to turn to other devices to use their devices in familiar ways.


Via Techcrunch

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